Nintendo Switch Jailbreak

Which one is the best? SX Pro , SX OS or R4s Dongle?

R4 team releases its usb dongle for hacking Nintendo Switch too, that’s the R4s dongle from, which is the official site of 3ds flashcarts-R4i sdhc 3ds and R4i b9s. Is the R4S Dongle better than the first Switch modchip SX Pro dongle? Can it run .XCI free Nintendo Switch games on V6.0.1? From this post, you will know the answers.

R4S Dongle

The R4S Dongle is called R4S, it is the second dongle developed from a flashcard company for hacking the Nintendo Switch. It works the same way like the SX Pro dongle, but it doesn’t come with any payloads, which means, by only using it on your Nintendo Switch, you can do nothing. In order to boot CFW on Nintendo Switch via the R4s dongle, users should at least get a SX OS license or the other third-party payloads.

The R4S Dongle itself is a bit on the chunky side, nearly half-again the size of the SX Pro. While the circuitry of the dongle could have been shrunken down, the size of the battery appears to have been the determining factor for the shell design.

How does it work?

Double pressing on the button while it is plugged into your PC will auto-mount a small storage partition where you can drop the proper configuration file for the payload you wish to boot. After copying the file, it will automatically disconnect the storage partition and configure the device so it is ready to use right away. While very simple to use, the manual and instructions are pretty abysmal, but luckily not to hard to figure out. Choosing a payload that allows you to boot other payloads off of your Switch’s SD card will be key in ensuring you only have to set it up once.

R4s Switch Dongle Features

  • Works on any firmware from any regions(for unpatchable unites, it can’t work)
  • Easy-to-use dongle for booting homebrew loader or custom firmware including SX OS
  • Support third-party payloads
  • Support most of NSP games and many XCI games.
  • No need to open your console or make any modifications
  • Fully updatable using simple drag-and-drop operation
  • Has 1-year warranty

SX Pro Dongle

SX Pro dongle is the First Nintendo Switch “flashcart” from Team Xecuter. It’s released in June of 2018 and soon be widely-known&used among Worldwide Nintendo Switch console owners. The SX Pro dongle isn’t the empty usb dongle for Nintendo Switch, it comes with the SX OS license, which allows users to load SX OS CFW on Switch directly without using any other payload or taking more steps. So it’s the Only real plug and play solution for injecting the necessary RCM Payload to boot into CFW on Nintendo Switch. Plus, the SX OS it supported is the Best Custom Firmware for the Nintendo Switch.

Currently, the latest SX OS V2.1 Beta can support all of the following features.

  • Works on any firmware from any regions(for unpatchable unites, it can’t work)
  • Support nearly all of the NSP and XCI games.
  • Support homebrews apps, games and emulators.
  • Support Stealth mode for safe Internect connection.
  • Support Emunand for playing new games on lower firmware version.
  • Support Cheats code for playing Nintendo Switch games,
  • Fully updatable using simple drag-and-drop operation or Auto update in SX OS.

R4S Dongle VS SX Pro, what are their differeces and which is better?

SX Pro R4s Dongle
Price $45-$50 $25-$40
Official Site
Release Date June, 2018 August, 2018
Compatibility For Consoles: Nintendo Switch V6.0.1 to lower versions.For Games: .NSP and .XCI games. For Consoles: Nintendo Switch V6.0.1 to lower versions.For Games: .NSP games mainly, for playing .XCI game, users need to convert it to .NSP.
Popularity The most Famous and the First Nintendo “Switch flashcard” Newly released
Contents Usb Dongle+Jig+SX OS licence +USB cable Usb Dongle+Jig+USB cable
Size and Weight Smaller and lighter Bigger and heavier
Setup Plug and Play Plug, choose and install a payload, then play
Quality High-quality A cheap Clone

R4S Dongle and SX Pro dongle have many differences, the most important one is the R4s Switch dongle isn’t with the SX OS license, which is the key of SX Pro, also the dongle of R4s is much bigger and heavier, less convenient for users to take with the Nintendo Switch, the last point, R4s Switch dongle doesn’t keep the same quality as the SX Pro dongle, it is a cheaper clone of Team Xecuter’s SX Pro, which can’t hack the core technology of SX Pro.

In fact, after the releasing of SX Pro dongle, there are many cheap dongles are being sold in the market, the R4s is just one of them, it’s more well-known because it’s from the old 3DS R4 team. However, all of these Switch dongles, they can’t compete with the SX Pro except for their lower price.



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